Virtual assistants jobs encompass a modern profession that the modern internet world has created due to the vast amount of administrative, digital and clerical work needed from companies all over the world. Working from home as a virtual assistant is a truly rewarding job that has minimal requirements.  Another advantage of virtual assistant jobs is the fact that there is a general level of competition among selected hiring companies. There are approximately 25,000 working individuals identified as virtual assistants around the world, ensuring a low level of competition.

When considering a work from home virtual assistant job it is necessary to know which companies are hiring. The following list represents the 10 best companies that constantly offer work at home virtual assistant positions. Apart from these considerations, these 10 companies offer the best pay rates and secured job stability in the long run.

1. Alpine Access

Work From Home

Virtual assistant jobs are great for stay-at-home moms.

Alpine Access is a company focused in delivering customer service solutions for all kinds of businesses. The Better Business Bureau has approved Alpine Access. The company hires at home customer service representatives and customer care professionals. Pay rates start at $9.00 per hour with extra incentives and raises based on performance.

2. Contract World Jobs

Contract World is a specialized company that hires work at home customer service representatives for leading brands around the world. Some of Contract World’s clients include Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and other popular companies with international operations. The company offers customer service positions on either a part-time or full-time basis. Pay rates are competitive, and the company guarantees job stability given the high degree of reputation from its clients.

3. Virtual Office Temps

Virtual assistant jobs can also extend far beyond customer service representatives and virtual callers. Virtual Office Temps offers professional business services on an independent contractor basis, recruiters hire individuals to assist in administrative processes, calls, management, sales and clerical duties. Pay rates range anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour dependent upon projects available and level of experience.

4. Zirtual

This San Francisco based company hires U.S. based virtual assistants for executives and other number of high-rank employees at top name companies. The company opens virtual assistant positions every week due to growing demand across the country. Pay rates vary from location to location and are dependent on the number of tasks made. Zirtual is a wonderful company to consider since it connects virtual assistants to a successful clientele that can build an invaluable professional networking overtime.

5. Talk 2 Rep

Talk 2 Rep hires remote workers and telemarketers to do a wide number of calling-related activities. Virtual assistants can work to conduct several calling needs for companies such as customer service, telephone surveys, sales or upgrades of currently existing customer plans.

6. Team Double Click

Virtual calling is a significant portion of virtual assistant home-based jobs.

Virtual calling is a significant portion of virtual assistant home-based jobs.

Professional virtual assistants can also jump start their current skills, expertise and experience with Team Double Click. This company specializes in hiring virtual office assistants for a wide number of tasks. These tasks include virtual service representatives, call agents, virtual sale assistants and other number of commercial related tasks. Pay rates are variable, but they are higher due to the professional etiquette and positions offered.

7. Tele Reach

Virtual assistants with experience in telephone and marketing services can opt for choosing Tele Reach in order to provide their services. TeleReach offers direct telephone marketing services and hires independent virtual assistants to do a wide number of tasks. The company hires home-based positions like web developers, script development, database outsourcing, lead generation, product introductions and web site marketing. Pay rates are competitive for the majority of positions and encompass a potential growth in the long run.

8. Voice Log

Voice Log is a company specialized in hiring home-based virtual assistants that offer third party verification services, commonly known as TPV services. The company hires live operators as well as bilingual TPV agents. The standard pay rate for virtual assistants offering live operator services is $8.50. Work schedules are flexible with 3-hour shifts to 8-hour shifts. The number of calls made determine the amount in which TPV agents are paid.

9. cites itself as one of the biggest and most rapidly growing online workplaces. Skilled virtual assistants can search a wide number of services and home-based job opportunities. Some of the main service categories include web development, networking systems, sales, marketing, business services and customer service. Long term projects as small jobs are available on a constant basis. Professional services within the long term projects have the best and most competitive pay rates.


Home-based agents can find multiple work options and opportunities within This company focuses primarily in providing information technology services through virtual assistants. Web development, marketing services and website administration are some of the most prominent home-based job categories offered. Pay rates are highly competitive, and the growth of particular selected home-based jobs continues to rise.